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Ending of the Public Health Emergency (PHE)
Last updated: 05/11/2023

As of 05/11/23, the federal government is officially ending the COVID-19 PHE.

This will have some possible implications on our work together. Here are some things helpful for you to know about what ending of the emergency means for us:

1) The state Medicaid plans will begin kicking people off their rosters, as they were not allowed to during the PHE. Clients will be required to re-certify that they still meet criteria for Medicaid coverage, which, as we know in Florida, is very restrictive.

2) Telehealth in general WILL CONTINUE for mental health services, as many insurance panels had telehealth coverage within their benefits prior to COVID. Do note, though, that many insurance plans whom had waived co-pays and co-insurance during the PHE will now stop that (if they haven’t already), so client may begin having a co-pay or co-insurance for telehealth like they might for in-office.

3) We are now required to use HIPAA compliant platforms again. We have been this whole time, however, so no changes there. 

4) Costs for COVID-19 testing, treatments, and vaccines are no longer covered by the government and subject to health insurance benefits now, which likely means you are absorbing more if not all of the cost of these. This does not apply to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries in some circumstances, as the federal government plans will still cover all this. You also can no longer go to OON providers for testing or treatments for COVID-19 and have them reimbursed by your private insurance plans.

Practice Status/Updates

  • We will continue providing hybrid services, in-office or telehealth as you prefer. Be mindful of what you are most comfortable with. Discuss with your provider any last minute adjustments.

  • Telehealth is still secured and through HIPAA compliant software. Your privacy is completely secured through my end, same as usual.

  • We have received both the COVID-19 vaccine doses and the booster. We keep up with boosters for the best safety for staff and clients.

  • If you are using insurance, be mindful of potential changes in co-pays or co-insurance.

  • There are no policy adjustments in place at this time.

COVID-19 Resources

Emergency Resources

Refer to the Informed Consent for more resource listings.

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