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Be prepared. Get some of the paperwork out of the way.

These are most of the forms that you would complete prior to your first meeting. They are included  here for you to easily access and fill out before coming in so the session can begin right away.

You will read all 4 of them, fill out 1, and sign 2 of them. We will discuss the Informed Consent, Electronic Consent, and Treatment Consent in detail during session, so you may ask any questions you have. If you are a parent/guardian for a minor who is coming to see a clinician, please also have your child read and sign these with you if possible.

If you are a guardian for a minor that is coming to see a clinician, we need guardianship paperwork as well. Similarly, if you are a parent with a minor who has altered custody, we need custody arrangement paperwork.

Click on the document to download the intake packet. You will need a PDF reading program. Print them out, complete them, and then bring them with you to our first meeting. We will take care of the rest.

Intake Packet

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