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Tai Chi Class

What it is: Group counseling brings together people from various places and backgrounds who share common presenting concerns. Together, the primary work is fostering a safe environment to discuss some of these concerns, and in doing so, learn new skills and teach each other ways to best manage or overcome. Group is a great choice for clients who are looking to build connections with others who are struggling with some of the same things they are, in a less personalized and more supportive environment.


Frequency: Typically groups meet either once weekly or once every two weeks. 

Length: Group sessions are structured for 90 minute sessions.

What to Expect: Most of the groups are process oriented, so there's a lot of talking about what goes on in the session. Many activities are experiential and are meant at getting you out of your "comfort zone." Literally most anything can happen in group; it allows for all kinds of creativity and interventions. 

Group Selection

  • Systematic Treatment for Effective Parenting (STEP)

  • Anger Management

  • Dungeons and Dragons Process Group

Check the online bookings page to see what groups that are currently offered.

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