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Land Acknowledgment

We acknowledge that the land on which we gather today is the traditional territory of the Calusa, Taino, Seminole, Mascogo, and Miccosukee tribes. These tribes have a rich history and culture, going back over 10,000 years, that is deeply connected to this land. We honor their legacy and pay our respects to their elders past, present, and future.


We recognize that the history of this land is marked by colonization, displacement, genocide, and violence. We are committed to working towards reconciliation and healing, and we strive to create a more inclusive and just future for all. 


We are grateful for the opportunity to live and work on this land, and we pledge to honor and respect the legacy of the tribes who came before us.


You can find more information about the indigenous peoples of Florida here:


Calusa Tribes


Taino Tribes


Seminole Tribes


Mascogo Tribes


Miccosukee Tribes

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