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We offer a variety of services to match your needs.

Individual counseling focuses on one client. Typically meetings are once a week.

Most sessions are about 45-60 minutes, save for the first appointment, which is 90 minutes. Individual counseling looks different for everyone: There are times you will leave feeling great, other times not so much. Be prepared for an adventure.

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Family counseling focuses on the family unit. Typically we meet once a week, sometimes with

the entire family unit, sometimes with individual members. This is a good option to help

improve family dynamics and patterns. Family counseling is great for tight knit members who

are willing to hear each other out and make changes, but are unsure on how to go about it.

Family work can be great with young children and teens, who often act based on their


Young Family with Pet Dog

On occasion, we offer groups based on my areas of expertise. Our groups tend to be process

oriented, and may feature therapeutic and teaching elements. Feel free to ask which groups

we am offering currently. You may also look at our schedule to see if any are available.

Our main groups we enjoy running include Systematic Treatment for Effective Parenting (STEP) and

Anger Management. We also have a Dungeons and Dragons support group in the works.

Three Guys

We enjoy helping clients discover their interests and help them turn those ideas in career

opportunities. We use different assessment measures and utilize government tools to easily

show data. Being former students,we know what it's like to go through the process of

picking a college and career. Let us be a guide for you.

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Online counseling is a new area that we am striking out in, due to popular demand. We use a

HIPPA compliant video software platform to connect with you through the comfort of your own

home and electronic devices. Online counseling is great for specific types of concerns and

circumstances that prevent you from being able to reliably come into the office. Please note, at

this time we are only offering online services as an additional services to our in-office services.


Professional consultation is for other mental health professionals only. We work through your questions regarding various aspects of your practice. This many include (but not limited to) administrative work, business management, advertising, paperwork and forms, and clinical work. Professionals are given a 

space to discuss parts of their work that frustrate them or they would like guidance on. We are able to

assist every step of the way as needed.

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