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What it is: Qualified Supervision is for Registered Interns in the state of Florida going for their full, independent licensure through clinical experience and supervision, along with taking the national exam and completing Continuing Education Units. As a Qualified Supervisor with the state of Florida, we are able to assist Registered Mental Health Counseling Interns with developing their clinical skills and accruing hours towards licensure in various settings and roles.


Frequency: Typically we meet either once weekly or once every two weeks. It can happen as individual supervision (1-2 people) or group supervision (3+ people).

Length: Qualified Supervision sessions are structured for 60 minutes in duration.

What to Expect: This is a minimum of a two year commitment to better yourself as a newly graduated Registered Intern: you will be challenged in different ways with the goal of honing your skills and developing competency with diverse populations, settings, and concerns.

Qualified Supervision Benefits

  • Active and consistent case consultation, treatment planning, ethics consultations, and general support.

  • Development of a strong clinical base, with direct assistance with the licensure exam to pass the first time.

  • Initial materials and resources to begin seeing patients on your own and understanding administrative and clinical frameworks to approaching psychotherapy.

  • Book a professional consultation to discuss the possibility of Qualified Supervision today 

    NOTE: Prospective supervisees must be located in Lee, Collier, Broward, or Charlotte county areas.

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