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Holiday Schedule Updates
Last updated: 11/07/2022

This page will serve as an ongoing update to holiday scheduling changes and adjustments for the 2022 year.

Holiday Time Out of Office

The following dates will see the office closed during the holiday 2022 season. Bold dates will not have active communication coverage:​

  • 11/11-11/12

  • 11/24-11/26

  • 12/02-12/03

  • 12/09-12/10

  • 12/22-12/24

  • 12/31

New Patient Appointments

  • I am currently booked through the rest of 2022 and will be taking new patients after the new year. If you are already on the wait list then you may be seen prior to the new year.

  • New patients may request to get onto the wait list, but if wait times expand past three months then I close my wait list.

  • You are free to ask for a referral list in the event I am not adding new patients onto the wait list.

In the event of an emergency, please don't hesitate to call 9-1-1 or 9-8-8.

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