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Oct. 2023 Government Shutdown
Last updated: 10/01/2023

As of 10/01/23, due to no passing of a federal spending bill via Congress, certain non-essential federal systems of government have ceased some to all operations, resulting in different impacts in structure, procedure, and systemic policies while the government remains in a shutdown. This page includes information regarding potential impacts to you, as well as policy adjustments during the shutdown.

General Impacts

  • WIC: Short for Women, Infants and Children: This program assists families with funds for food and groceries, seeing impacts in funding as soon at this week.

  • SNAP: Also called food stamps. This program is set to continue with current funding and estimates that it can continue making payments through the end of the month. Afterwards, payments will likely be affected.

  • Immigration courts: Court hearings regarding immigration, asylum, and citizenship are likely to be delayed or rescheduled.

  • Civil courts: Expect trial delays and likely rejections for accepting new cases.

  • National parks and Smithsonian museums: They may close or stay open with limited functions, hours, or access to facilities.

  • Low-risk food inspections: USDA and Dept of Agriculture will likely delay or cease low risk food inspections for food bourne illnesses or pathogens.

  • Small business loans: The SBA announced it will be pausing loan considerations and applications until the shutdown is over.

  • Military: Recruiting for the US Armed Forces will be stopped during the shutdown, with payments likely being delayed to contractors.

  • Active duty military will be required to continue working without a paycheck until the shutdown is over.

  • Air traffic controllers and security checkpoint personnel will be required to continue working without a paycheck until the shutdown is over.

  • FEMA will continue general operations but without additional funding will likely be unable to respond to any new natural disasters.

  • The US Post Office will continue operations as normal

  • Congress and the White House will continue operations as normal.

  • Social Security payments will continue as normal.

  • Medicare and Medicaid will continue operations as normal. As will commercial insurance.

Office Adjustments

  • If you are impacted directly by the government shutdown, please speak with staff. Our goal is to continue your treatment even while managing other disruptions.

  • Resources to other organizations that may help during the government shutdown will be available to use. You may also use the "Resources" tab at the top to see more here.

In the event of an emergency, please don't hesitate to call 9-1-1 or 9-8-8.

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