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Hurricane Updates and Policy Adjustments
Last updated: 08/29/2023

As of 08/27/23, tropical storm Idalia is moving NNE towards Florida, moving into the Gulf of Mexico and gaining strength. As of right now, we are expected to begin feeling the effects here in SWFL Tuesday-Wednesday. It is expected to become a Cat 2-3 hurricane by the time it passes by SWFL and makes landfall anywhere between Lee county and the panhandle, with most models showing landfall around the Gainesville area. Keep on this page for policy updates and changes to scheduling for the next week.

Lee County Public Schools are cancelled for Tuesday, 08/29 and Wednesday, 08/30

Collier County Public Schools will be closed Wednesday, 08/30

Florida Southwestern has cancelled classes for Tuesday, 08/29. FGCU has moved to virtual learning. Hodges has cancelled classes.

The City of Naples has declared a state of emergency

Collier County has declared a state of emergency

Practice Status/Updates

  • The office will remain open during the storm Tuesday AM and into the afternoon, moving to virtual as able Tuesday PM. Wednesday operations will resume as normal, presuming no power issues. I will be providing rolling updates as I am able and will confirm appointments myself directly. If it is unsafe for you in any way to come to the office, please stay home.

  • If power at the office goes off, by law, I cannot see patients. If I am able to see you virtually from my home office, I will offer that instead.

  • Reschedule and cancel fees will not be applied for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Storm Preparedness Recommendations

  • Note the best places to receive updates on the storm from accredited professionals, including local news stations, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) and county/state officials. You will find a list to several sites for reference below.

  • This is a potential Category 3 hurricane. Do not take this lightly. Your and your families' well-being is what matters.

  • Secure the basic storm essentials and ensure that you secure all outside objects indoors to prevent excessive damage to your home. Trim any loose trees or branches prior, secure any pool-related items (it may be advised to drain your pool as well), ensure that your vehicles are locked and secured safely on stable ground, and make sure that your doors and windows are locked securely. 

  • Some items that may be useful to take stock of: batteries, flashlights, bottled water, electronic device chargers, first aid supplies, prescription medications, important documentation (SS card, ID, birth certificate, titles to possessions, etc.), sand bags (if advised), non-perishable foods, manual can openers, battery powered radios, candles, lighters/matches, pet food and medicines, spare cash, basic hardware tools. Others may be added here over time.

  • Power is not likely to go out for this storm but it may. Generators may be useful, but be mindful of ventilation if you decide to use one. Carbon monoxide is odorless and has the capacity to injure or kill quickly if not properly ventilated. It is generally recommended to only power on a generator outside if it is safe to do so.

  • During a tropical system, there is an increased chance of tornados forming. Please keep your wits about you and take immediate shelter in a windowless, closed part of your home (a bathroom or laundry room is usually good) should the winds pick up too much or you suspect a tornado.

  • If power lines are downed, assume they are live and avoid them at all costs.

  • Storm surge is one of our biggest concerns in our area and is very serious. Do NOT attempt to enter a moving body of water if at all possible. If you are in an area closer to the coast, it will be more likely that you are required to evacuate due to concerns with flooding and storm surge. Listen to local officials on this.

  • Be mindful of your mental health during this storm. Keep easy-to-use coping skills available throughout (coloring books, reading material, fidget toys, stress balls, etc.), check in with your loved ones, be sure to keep up with your appetite and sleep as best you can. Ensure that you have enough of your medications available throughout the storm: many pharmacies will provide emergency supplies of prescription medications without a full re-up from a physician for the duration of a storm.

  • Be sure to take pictures of your vehicles and the outside of your homes in the event of damage. That helps with filing insurance claims.

  • Help each other out when possible. We are all in this together. 

Storm Resources

Emergency Resources

Refer to the Informed Consent for more resource listings.

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