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May 2021 News

Hi everyone,

Hope the year has been treating everyone well so far. This is my usual mid-year update providing everyone with the most current information on my practice and any changes I make. Here's the scoop:

  1. Starting June 01,2021, I will be in-network with Aetna and Meritain. Starting July 01, 2021, I will be in-network with Humana Commercial. Earlier in the year I also became in-network with Magellan Commercial. These additional plans I accept will help me with ensuring clients are able to utilize their benefits and be as most cost efficient in their care as possible. If you carry one of these plans and currently are self-pay with me and you wish to use your insurance, please be sure to inform me so you can sign the Health Insurance Disclaimer and I can begin the process of verifying benefits and submitting claims. Note it might take me some time to get used to these companies practices and execution of things.

  2. During my week off, I was able to go through a full chart audit for everyone. I like to do this 2x yearly just to make sure everyone's stuff is updated and there's no major issues with charting. Over the next few weeks I may be having you update some parts of paperwork. Most of it will be updating Releases of Information, but others will have some forms too.

  3. In addition, I'm going to be continuing to get my client portal set up so adult clients can review their records if they want. I will be going around also asking clients about this. It's to prepare for upcoming HIPAA guideline changes. Please ask me for more information.

  4. Over the next few weeks I will be making more updates to my online advertising and platforms. This is more for me and prospective clients as opposed to current clients but something to consider.

  5. With summer 2021 approaching, this usually is the time where I take more time off/breaks due to everyone in general taking more time off to be with family and vacation. You may notice more inconsistent scheduling over the next few months due to that. I'm working on balancing my self-care.

I've also made some security updates to the general way I do things:

  1. You may have noticed that I now use an e-mail service that dual-encrypts (receive and send) communications with my e-mail address.

  2. All of my forms are now fillable AND I can password protect them

  3. I now also utilize a VPN during any kind of exchange of information online.

  4. As usual (unless you agree to use the patient portal) I keep all clinical documentation offline. I either utilize a secure e-fax or password protected, dual-encrypted e-mail for any kind of records communication.

Most of this is backend stuff and you will not notice any change. I will also be updating my website privacy policy to include other types of information the website pulls (it's barely anything to begin with though).

I'm also going to be changing up the office just slightly: I'll be adding a community board at some point! This will be for community events that clients may be interested in attending or learning about. I think that's a pretty cool idea since I have many clients asking me about how they can be more connected to the community and more social. Stay tuned on this.

That's all I have for now. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask during session or reach out to me.

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