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December 2019 News

Hello everyone!

It's time for my end-of-year news for the practice. We've had quite a year together! :)

Some accomplishments for the practice:

1. Caseload has increased by 150% (that's a bit over double).

2. I've really expanded my office capabilities.

3. Notes and paperwork have been streamlined.

4. Website has been updated to accept payments and scheduling.

5. I've got my first contract signed to provide services.

6. My coverage has expanded to 3 days per week.

7. I've been able to do some consultation for practice work and have even fielded a few applications for work.

It's been a great experience fully figuring all of the business stuff out while also making sure to provide top quality service for all my clients. Everything that I do is for you guys.

That said, I have some big plans for the upcoming year. Here's a taste of what's to come:

1. I will be fully licensed by February (assuming the state doesn't lag on paperwork)! This will expand my capabilities for training and have me fully established to practice on my own (no more Qualified Supervision clause in my Informed Consent).

2. I will be able to contract with health insurance providers. I plan on sending out applications to some places within the month I'm licensed. Note that this will take time for me to get credentialed and set up. It would be awesome for me to be able to switch over some of my clients to make use of their insurance if I am able to get on that panel. Stay tuned on this.

3. Our building lease is up in July, and we are looking at possibly expanding our space. This is "we" as in the other providers in my office that we all share together. So there may be a change of location in the future. Do note that if we DO move, it would be to a location within 5 minutes of our current location. It would be very nice to have a bigger office, though.

4. I'm heavily thinking of (which means it will probably happen) of investing in a really neat mental health app I've been using myself for a while that offers a set-up for therapists. It would give my current clients access to the premium version of the app and let me interact with you in different ways. I'm not sure when I will make the leap, but probably after the new year.

5. I'm working on a psycho-ed wellness binder that I want to offer to all of my clients. It would be a neat activity that lets you better track and tailor a personal wellness plan that has everything you would need inside. I may also sell it on the site in the future if it's a hit.

6. I'm also working on a new set-up for tracking health outcomes. You will see this a bit sooner rather than later. We will discuss it in session. I think it will be a pretty neat way of helping to see progress over time for you guys.

Most of those things are more future oriented. Here's some things to keep aware of in the short term:

1. I'm planning on potentially adding a 4th day to my outpatient scheduling. With my caseload increasing I think it would help spread out clients a bit so I'm not seeing 8+ a day and feeling drained after. That will also help you guys with your availability. I'll be polling what clients think in terms of possible days. I may open up Saturday mornings just to give in some weekend time. I'm not entirely sure yet. If it's during the work week, it would most definitely include evening hours.

2. Speaking of hours, I'm looking at pursuing some other opportunities with my licensure starting in February. Thus, my office hours may change. Be mindful, however, that I am committed to still putting in 3-4 days a week and keeping evening hours open. Most of my clients see me in my evening hours, so this would impact as few people as possible.

3. With my license, I will be increasing my rates. This will not apply to any current clients: your rate will always stay the same while we are still actively seeing each other. But keep in mind that if we terminate or stop seeing each other for a long period of time, you may come back at my new rate. I haven't fully decided on my rates yet, as my sliding scale will also change. If that's something you are concerned about, please talk to me about it.

With regard to Holiday Hours:

Christmas falls on a Wednesday this year, so the holidays will not affect my hours. Same goes for New Years (31st is a Tuesday, 1st is a Wednesday). I will be open my normal hours M/Th/F. With the holidays, scheduling will be a bit over the place due to clients possibly needing different slots and being here/away for the holidays. I ask for your patience with any scheduling changes or issues. We will make it work!

If you are looking to be away for the holidays, but still wish to meet, I am perfectly happy to do so online with you. If you want to explore that option, speak with me about it. You need to sign my Online Informed Consent in order to do any online services with me and I will need a payment method on hand. I realize that the holidays are a more difficult time for some (me included), so I will be sure to stay as available as I can for everyone.

I want to wish everyone a most merry holiday season and hope that you will stay safe and enjoy yourselves! I'm looking forward to ending the year out strong and seeing what 2020 holds for us all. :)

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