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Practice Updates

Hi everyone,

So I've been making some changes on the back end of things. Some of these things will be important for you to know about. Here's a list of different things you will encounter:

1. I've changed my merchant to Square from Paypal. They offer a more secure platform for my transactions. I set up a new system for taking payments, and it is more flexible than before. I now accept contactless payment methods in addition to my current offerings (so things like Apple and Google Pay!). No, I do not take cryptocurrency (yet....)

I will still accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

2. I'm making the switch to a fully HIPPA compliant phone system!

That includes my phone, my SMS texting, and it also includes faxing. I will be updating my electronics information consent sheet to account for this. While I still do not advise sending me PHI via things like texting (my e-mail has always been HIPPA compliant and my preferred method of sending me sensitive things), things will be more secure on my end. Also, this means that my phone number will be changing. I hope to have it fully in place by May 1st. I will also keep my other number active for about a month after the switch just in case. It will be a local number now too, horray!

3. My outcomes surveys will be sent out with your appointment reminder (if you are due) so you can complete them before coming in for our session. I honestly keep forgetting to administer them because I'd prefer to just jump back into our work. So this will work out better.

I will be sending out two links with my message: one for computers, one for mobile phones. The flexibility of filling it out how you like will make it super simple to do before session. We can also talk about them in that session, rather than waiting until the next week. I think that's better. I will be notifying everyone within the next week about this change, and start sending out the links in about 2 weeks.

That's about it for changes that affect my clients. I've been working on upping the quality and security of all of my services and administrative stuff since I've had more ability to do so, investing back into the business and all. If anyone has any questions about this, you are free to shoot me a message and ask.

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